Tuesday, May 16, 2006

More Giro Crap

So do you think stage 17 is where the wheels fall off for Basso? It could be the back breaker…which is ok I’ve never been a Basso fan. He looks a little girly to me. Look at this photo…..he’s got eye liner on and have you every see a guy so unexcited get it from two Hot Honeys? He's Gay! Hands down! Most guys would be stiffer then an old Trek 500.

Pink is his color!

Well I rode up to Vail today and when I say Vail, I mean to the top. They've plowed the road so it’s clear to the top. But man is there the snow. It looks like they could be running the lifts. Tomorrow is the first Vail series MTB race over in Eagle. So I’ve got to wash “Mr Bigg”, oil the chain and I might even check the tire pressure. I'll be doing the kids race!