Thursday, May 25, 2006

More dope on dopers...I dont care!

So I took a bunch of hits for my non-stances on doping. I look at like being Gay; I don’t understand it so I just don’t care. If you want to take it up the rear to find love then great or if you feel like you need to stick a .15mm needle in your ass to hit 700 home runs or to ride fast then knock yourself out. In an earlier life I was a gym rat. I loved to lift weights and would hang out in the gym all day. It was amazing how guys would put on 30lb and be ripped in a year when I’d been doing two a days for 10 years to do the same. Did it piss me off? Not really, I always took solaces in the fact I would live past 50 with a full head of hair and a normal size testicular ball sack. I laughed and those meat heads just like I laugh at them now. I don’t under stand it, just like I don’t understand the being gay.
I believe that in sports where athletic ability is needed that most top level “Pro” dope. They have a need to win so badly they’ll die for it…I’ve always though life was more important then that, but if someone wants throw theirs down the toilet to get on the cover of Velo News or Muscle and Fitness I say “GO FOR IT” I’ll enjoy the show. Much like I like watching a dumb chimp smoke a cigarette, it’s all entertaining.

I hope Vino can find a new “Go Fast Dr” for the tour so I can be entertained. Dance Chimp Dance! I love to watch Cycling dope or not……..