Thursday, May 18, 2006

Man's man......

So it pays to actually scope out a race course before you go mach-1…..I’ve never been into pre-riding or even talk with people about course terrain. Mostly of the time I just show up. Staying true to form that’s what I did last night….They don’t have a ton of classes so then Big mass starts, Pro, Expert, Sport, Beg. With about 100 strong in each wave. Little did I know there was a 4 Mile road lead-out and return. That’s sucks on “Mr Bigg” … I had a 32x18 on it. So it was a super-spin out to the loop. Needless to say my legs were cooked by the time I hit the dirt. I send the whole race Yo-Yo-ing off the back in my own personal hell. But it was good work and a tight group. I suck all the wheels I could and spun, spun, spun my ass off and suck down 5 pounds of dust. I could see everybody just could close it down with my Climbing gear. Every climb I touch them and boom they be gone. So I was happy finish only 6 mins off the leader.

Hay….Der’Fat boy Lay’d it down today at the Giro. 44 on the GC and move'n on up. Now I'm back on the Jan Band Wagon. He’s going to take down some names at the tour…..

Jan's got WOOD!