Monday, August 13, 2007

Why is the last'd

Race always the hardest one?

No finger fling today……Dam! Maybe tomorrow. So this weekend was my own personal HELL! It was the State TT and Road Race championships in Gateway. I should have stayed home or when and did the Snowmass Race because I feel like a bag of shit!

Sandy added another State Jersey to her closest……in mine you’ll only find empty hooks. It’s not for a lack of trying, just lack of motor. I smoked myself in the 40k TT and pull’d out a 5th and then had NO motor for the RR. Made if over the first climb in ok shape just cracked like and old egg on the second one out of Whitewater. It’s was like the lights went out! Made the turn out of town an about 4 miles into the climb then my legs fell off…… I tell you! But by that point the field was blown….I limp it home for 9th. So today I’m hanging out at Starbuck and doing NOTHING!