Monday, August 27, 2007


So Danielson to SlipstreamTeam os much for a clean team! Then there’s the boss team director Jonathan Vaughters told the Denver Post on Thursday. "He went to Discovery and got caught up in the whole 'next Lance Armstrong' thing, which he is not. Gee thanks for the compliment Boss!

Much like Van Petegem in the Tour of Flanders Sandy pull a cheeky move to nail the Pro field to the wall and a solid 25 meter win at the Sanpete Classic this weekend……after 70 miles of race there was a break of five. Sutter Home Wines took a filer at the bottom of the last climb with Ivory, Lepton Tea, Vanguard and Sandy chasing. Mid climb Sandy punched it taking the lead for the last mile to the summit. Hoping the drop the other three and make a bridge. But it didn’t happen. At the top of the climb seeing the other on her wheel she dropped her head and said “I’m done” That started an attack by Ivory dropping Sandy and bridging to Lepton…….That’s when they started looking at each other to set up their sprint. Sandy 500meters back saw the games and put into overdrive. Blowing by the “Game Play” with 1k to go and holding for the win…..Quote of the day “I thought you were drop”

Don’t even ask about my race……I’m just happy someone’s winning to pay for my racing!!!

And for the record Her victory salute kick’s the Barons!