Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Working Man......

You ask “what has Mitch Man been working so hard on lately?” Its has been like a bunch of Kebbler Elf’s running around in a tree here at Mitch Man Enterprises. Trying to finish “P1” that’s code for Proto-Type No.1. “What? Proto-type” Yes, proto-type! It’s a 29er frame, Hot Sweet, Dark and Sexy. I’ve got it to a 2nd coat of "Back-in-Black" today Just need to put another color coat, sticker kit, clear coat on it. It's really out done my expectations. Can't wait to build it and take a test ride. Still need to build up a set of wheels for it. The hubs should show up today so I’ll get that done tomorrow (Yes, tomorrow it snow last night and I went to Aspen today, work can NEVER get in the way) If it rides 1/2 as nice as it looks it’ll be so sweet……

Making the frame wasn’t too hard. All the tooling and jigs are what took the most time. Plus getting the cubic setup (Welding Set Up)…but once that was complete that actual frame only took a couple of hours to cut and glue together….For you true Bike geeks this isn’t for you. No Lugs, No Prefect Paint, No High Tech Tube. Just a good solid bike. Check it! With no brake tabs or BS on it the lines are very clean

It’s made from 4130 Cr-Mo, the front tri-angle is TIG welded along with the tubes at the Bottom Bracket.

Frame Size: 16”
Lb 5.1lb
TT c-c 21.5”
Head Tube 71deg
Seat Tube 73deg
Chain stays 17.25”

I didn’t make the Fork, right now I buy them so cheap it would cost more to build. The Seat stays and the rear dropouts are silver brazed. I had the Dropout water jet cut and they are very beefy…..So as you can see just a nice clean bike. Built the way I like it…..No BS!

The welds aren’t Waterford, but not to bad……It’s not a piece of art its a bike dam-it!

More info to come. I plan to build and sell them after I get the proto-type tested. But it will be a 29er 1x1 disc only frame. By this fall I’ll also have a Cross’r available too. I’ve toyed with some different ideas but that will be an Alum 7000 frame. 1x1 only of course (But it will have brake boss. F’n “UCI”)