Monday, January 30, 2006

Work Work, and more Work

Well it was about 50deg and sunny here today so I told the boss to F-off and headed out on the cross bike…….Have I told you how much I love riding my cross bike? Well, I do…

Then it was work, work work…….I’m trying to get production moving on “MrBigg” I’m knee deep into the first run and should have the first block finished by the end of the week. Just need to get the art work back and I can start to ship……”You got to be on ONE to be ONE” says Mr.Bigg…..

So, the sparks are flying here at Mitch Man Enterprises.

So the way things are shaking out I’ll have 29er wheelset’s available along with the “MrBigg” framesets. Once I get a little time from fun I’ll have a full list of Crap available. But the frames will be a little under 4 bills. That includes Frame and Fork…Now that’s a deal! It might even include some free stuff...

Like I said, just needs the art work.........what a 4130 Cro-Mo steel brute.