Monday, July 24, 2006


Well I guess I should blog something. I’ve really got nothingto say about the tour other then it was very cool to watch unlike one of LA’s marches to Paris.

I just got back from Wisco and Superweek…some great hard racing. I didn’t do great or bad just some good hard rac’n. I only got to do the last 6 races but still had a great time.

New addition to the “I’m a dumb-ass list”

  1. Unless you are a chick or doing a triathlon, wear bib shorts
  2. Take your race number off your bike...please.
  3. When you are wearing a skinsuit there should be no riding around with the top pulled down so you can show off your cool cycling tans, we all have 'em.
  4. Guy’s wearing Capri Pants, DON’T do it! It’s super gay….unless you are super gay!
  5. Croc Shoes, about the dumbest thing I’ve every seen on a persons foot. Unless there two years old….

Yes, these are all things I viewed last week and More race reports later. I need sleep....I'm having a debate if I should blast my team with topics like “How I was taken out by my own team-mate”……"Are two guys a team?" and more but some how I think I'll just keep it to myself.....out