Friday, June 16, 2006

My Man com'n to life.....

Well, well…..Fat Boy Slim, The Germen General is riding himself on to the GC list at the Tour de Suisse. It’s nice to see the Fat Man turn’n the screws. Maybe he’ll come ready for the big race.
Now that’s the “Game Face” of old!

And would someone please get Rasmussen (the human skeleton) a sandwich! The guy can’t ride 10min.s with out one…. Another nightmare for him. Do you think he’s been working on his TT skills?
On another note: The other night I was welding up a frame in the shop and look up to find a 400ld brown bear staring me down like Ham and Cheese sandwich. It’s a good thing I had the torch in my hand…..

O-yea I’ve go a big bitch with USA cycling but it’s just pisses me off and all this talk of food has made me hungry. Time for a brownie and espresso!