Thursday, June 08, 2006

Funny Stuff

I lifted this off “Prostuff” they've got some funny stuff on that site….

“So, if you are new to 'The Game' or just not in the know I have put together a list of things that just crack me; some on the bike, some off; some at races, some not:
· Don't wear your riding glasses as casual glasses….. I don't care if they are prescription. You look like a total dork.
· Don't wear your casual glasses as riding ones.
· Don't wear mis-matched socks on the bike (or ever) to show how much of a non-conformist you are. I have known so many guys who go through this faze….believe me it will pass and you will never see Scott Moninger with socks that don't match.
· Don't be that guy who's "thing" it is to always wear shoe covers….. it is way to mid-west (not to put those guys down but I have seen it out there more than anywhere).
· Don't wear a cycling cap as your casual cap…. There is no way chicks will dig it.
· Don't wear your long sleeve jersey as a jacket when you are out in public, at races or ever…. So tacky.
· Don't wear your jersey with jeans when you drive to and from races. OK, every once and a while (but not that often) it is easiest to get your kit on at home instead of changing at the race but that is it.
· Don't wear your team socks with your Tevas or flip-flops outside of being at a race.
· Keep in mind after a race that the one super crazy, gnarly thing that happened just after that one corner probably wasn't nearly as gnarly as you remember it to be and if it didn't happen you still probably wouldn't have won the race.
· Don't eat your Cliff Bars as off the bike snacks…. They are strictly business food.
· You can't sprint like Greg Henderson or climb like Phil Zijaeck.
· Don't' wear cut open team socks as shoe covers, use something that was made for the job.
· Don't' yell at your girlfriend in the feed zone because you got a mix and not Coke. Just be happy that she is there, it won't affect how you do in the race.
· Don't attack the groupetto. You have already been dropped so just let it go.
· Don't sprint for the line if you are out of the top 20.”

The last one all ways kills me……..