Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Play by play

12:23 PM - Landis attorney attacks!
12:25 PM - LNDD Interpreter dropped - French speaking lab tech isolated.
12:35 PM - The 'yellow tie' still looking cool, has most of his legal team around him. Looking over his shoulder for LeMond to attack.
12:40 PM - Suh looks to be a lock for the 'red tie' for most aggressive lawyer.
1:10 PM - Uncle Ron attacks LeMond. Attack immediately responded to by LeMond domestiques.
1:23 PM - LeMond finally attacks Landis. This may be the move of the day. He opens up a gap and we see Landis suffering. Uncle Ron is also suffering and dropping off the back, unable to continue with the Landis group.
1:25 PM - Landis is clearly in trouble. Jacobs starts setting the pace with Landis on his wheel, trying to pull the yellow jersey back into the race.