Wednesday, May 09, 2007

I'm pro Dope....

What’s wrong with dopers? I mean really what’s wrong with them? Basso. Lance, Tyler, Landis….the list go’s on and on. Baseball, football, Cycling Hockey. Who give a rat’s ass? Isn’t pro sports just entertainment for the fan? So in a nut shell to entertain me! That makes the pro “Whatever” just a highly paid chimp to entertain me and who is hurt by dopers? Me? I think not, I like to see guys drill it up a mountain stage! It's un-human, and that what we like to see! Shit we can’t do. I don’t what to see something I can see at my local “BS” Cat 1/2 race. I want to see it! All out! Drill it! The way I see it if one wants to have a Jet Fuel enema just to entertain me “GO FOR TI”

And when you get down to it what’s the diff between Hammer Gel and EPO’s? Their purpose is to boost your performance right? O-wait EPO’s have a real medical purpose. So when you’re a Doper’s Suck guy do you give-up all performance enhancing crap? I’ll bet they don’t!!!

Dopers don’t suck, the dick wear’n the Doper’s Suck tee…..Now he sucks! F-n hypocrite!