Friday, August 11, 2006

Stage Two......

Talk, Talk, Talk….

What I’m talk’n about is a lot of hurt going on….There’s nothing like a little STXC to make you hurt…at the Tour-De-Dope!

Rich person do the dumbest things, So yesterday I saw something hilarious, you know the kind of stuff that makes you laugh out loud even when your along. A guy maybe in his sixties is riding along on a hybrid dressed in kaki walking shorts and a white button down shirt. Just like you would think a Rich guy would look riding around Vail.Village. But what the hell is so funny about Mitch Man? Well I’ll tell’ya…This guy was wearing a prologue helmet…..First I had to do a double take and then sprayed my Espresso all over the Starbucks patio. I almost pee my pants! WTF…..I guess you can never be to Aero when JPA the village!