Friday, April 21, 2006

I was on a Blog Vacation

Ok, I’m not dead…….I just put myself on a Blog Vacation. Too much of nothing to do I guess. Big weekend Com-in up…..Closing of Vail it’s always fun, but sad to see the beautiful people leave. There’s all ways a big blowout at the top and I’ll be blowing it at the Windows Deck with some friends. Sun, fun, Wine, Chic’s, and maybe a little dope…'ll be very dope to blowout another season. But first the Mad Cow staged race. RR Saturday with a Team TT to follow with a Crit on Sunday. Then I’ll trip it up to Vail for the big Blow out! I’m on a composite team for the TT so that should be fun.

Things on the list……

New Race Wagon
New Espresso Mech
New Web Site to Launch
New Proto Cross Frame Built

That’s That………

O-yea, you got-a love Trek given Big "G" a Hybrid fork to race on LOL..."Friends don't let Friends ride Trek"