Monday, April 24, 2006

How was your earth day?

Ok so maybe it’s not my race wagon but my training wagon! You could never put all the gear needed for a race in this lil’mex’y slot car……..but on the plus side it’s not a rice’r

So the Ford still remains the “Race Wagon”

Race recap! Well something’s went well others didn’t. My climbing is coming around but the endurance isn’t and the head is totally wack’d. There were five big climbs (of a 1400 plus each) in the RR and I managed to make the break on the first one, gaped on the third and chase back in and then went “mental” on the forth. For some reason after punching tickets at the back of the group over the forth climb and up this 6 mile false flat I came unglued. There were only 8 in the group and we were working well up to the high point when I saw this group of 20 or so riders up the road. My oxygen staved brain processed that it was my group. But in fact it was another category. I kept thinking I’m never going to catch on their too far ahead. So with only about 10 miles of racing left and a top ten finish in hand what do I do? Stop racing of course….WTF was I thinking….I stopped right there pulled out my drink and ate a bar. 15 minutes later my wits started coming back and I put everything back together as the main group passed me sitting on the side of the road like a lump…….DUH! I guess you should never give up. Instead of 10th I finished something like 70th. The worse part was trying to explain what happen back at the car. Sandy stomped the women’s field so there not a whole lot to tell other then she hammered over the first big climb with another girl and never look back. The team TT was a gas two the guys on my team puked but a somewhere we took a wrong turn and got DQ’d. I’ve got some great pic’s of Sandy’s team. They were like team Disco beating most of the men’s team……..
The Cirt was another MM disaster which I may go into detail late most likely I’d like to forget this weekend and look forward to the DT road race this weekend……out.